Lost Souls Ministry
WHO Is Lost Souls Ministry

Lost Souls was formed to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to suffering communities.

Gene (Bones) Boswell and his wife Brenda began this ministry by walking the streets and handing out Bibles and ministering to anyone who would listen. It became clear in the beginning that the needs of the people were greater than one couple could handle.

WHAT Lost Souls Ministry Does

They go into the most spiritually war torn of communities, shut down the streets and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through preaching, praise and worship, food, drinks, clothing, and children's activities to those who have lost all hope.

Helping a hurt and dying world starts in your own community. You don't have to look abroad to see the hungry, the poor, the lost, the abused. They are all around us.


To learn more about Lost Souls Ministry visit them online at http://www.lostsoulsministry.org